We make it a point to travel to coffee producing countries ourselves, so that we can find producers that we want to work with. Once we establish a direct relationship, we travel back to origin regularly to visit those farmers and continue getting to know them. This way, we know exactly where the coffee we sell comes from.



Our relationships and projects are created with long term goals and benefits in mind. It is important for our projects to be truly are beneficial- if something doesn't work, we make sure to keep having conversations and taking action to fix it. We value cooperation and partnership, and believe it's important to keep working together. 




Once we establish a relationship with a producer, we work together to implement a social project that benefits farm workers or their communities. The conversations that we have with our partners at origin help create a collaborative working environment where each person's voice is heard. We want our relationships to be equal and symbiotic, and are careful to ensure that our presence is nonintrusive.  


Think coffee is a business based in new york city. we are committed to transparent, cooperative and sustainable business practices and are now pioneering social project coffee.

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