finca santa teresa, nicaragua

2,000 pine tree saplings planted


Jorge Lagos’ farm, Finca Santa Teresa, is in Dipilto, Nicaragua. He has always treated his workers well; when we first started a relationship with him, he was rebuilding worker housing to include ventilation systems that would make the wood-burning kitchens safer. Since then, he also bought the farm next to his own to continue building worker houses, and also provides good wages and food to his farmers.

Recently, a federally funded company called Albamadera started major deforestation projects in the area in order to be able to export the lumber to Venezuela in exchange for cheap gas. This has had severe negative consequences for Jorge and his community; the area was once lush, but has begun to lose its crucial water supply- in 2016, the area ran dry for a week, which was previously unheard of. To combat this issue, Jorge purchased school supplies and traded them to local members of his community in exchange for pine tree saplings to start a major reforestation project in the area. This past June, we conducted a project to help plant 2,000 pine trees and help revitalize the local ecosystem in Dipilto. 

project timeline

January 2017

 Unfortunately, some of the trees planted in the summer were ripped up by a neighbor, who claimed they would start electrical fires. Because of this, we're starting a new project that will be focused on providing Jorge's workers with materials to help them rebuild their homes. This new project on Finca Santa Teresa will begin after the harvest.

June 2016

 Jorge and Think Coffee representatives, Enrique and Noah, plant 2,000 pine tree saplings in the area surrounding Finca Santa Teresa. 


 Think Coffee begins sourcing from Jorge Lagos' farm Finca Santa Teresa, Jorge is in process of rebuilding worker housing to include safe ventilation in their woodturning kitchens.