Follow our Money

Many thousands of coffee community members decended upon Houston in April.  We were Shops, Roasters, Importers, Farmers, Baristas, and enthusiasts from around the world.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America has a convention each year.  I went, first time.  There were some really cool competitions highlighting the skills of some of our baristas.  Equipment manufacturers were able to show their new stuff.  Classes and lectures were offered.  Food, lots of food.  It was spectacular.

Here’s the thing.  Think Coffee doesn’t have a lot of travel money.  We want to put our money where our collective mouths are, so we fly to various countries learning about farms and people.  Then, when we talk about “relationship coffee” or “direct trade” or any other trendy coffee expression, we will know what we are talking about.  If we go see these farms and meet the farmers, we can be responsible members of the coffee community.  Oh, the thing.  Going to the SCAA convention was really really expensive.  It was more expensive than our last trip to Africa.

Going to Africa wasn’t super fun, but it did connect our customer community with our farmer community.  Going to Houston was fun, big steak – nice hotel, but we will probably meet our coffee friends at origin from now on.

Join us anytime.