Happy Holidays from Kellensoo

8th Avenue barista Emily Piper is in Kellensoo, Ethiopia
We've been buying coffee from Kellensoo for two years now.
Emily will be there for six weeks working on a project to reduce school dropouts in the village. Here's a note from her.

Kellensoo is juicy-green. People are friendly and tell me I am like family.

Library is in progress, with fits and starts from things like water pipeline breaks or delays in cement delivery. Now the floor is jagged rocks, but by tomorrow it will be smooth concrete. The walls are still skeletons and the roof is TBD, but all will be constructed in 2 weeks.
I purchased 10 tables, 50 chairs and 2 large bookshelves, which will be ready for the library in 15 days, though I'm warned to bug people constantly if I want anything done on time.
Books will be purchased at Ethiopian Christmas, January 7, and trekked in from Addis. Everyone from the town of Kellensoo has big smiles for the eminent Kellensoo Mokonisa Elishu Primary School, and is thankful to Nardos, Buseco and Think Coffee.
Merry Christmas, hug your loved ones tight!