I’d like to think that every person has that highly animated aunt, uncle, or friend that uses every inch of their body when speaking. For Think Coffee, that uncle is Nasario Solis. One of the eight farmers and quirky character who produces our great quality robusta coffee beans for our delicious Think Blend.

Nasario serves as a great introduction to Think’s new social project that is beginning this harvest. Currently, most of our farmers utilize their land for producing coffee. They are forced to spend money they don’t have and travel an hour away for food to feed their families and their workers. With the help of a local organization, Think Coffee plans on introducing new plants, trees, and crops, making all eight of their expansive lands more sustainable and self-sufficient.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nasario for the first time this summer and he was one of the farmers who was already experimenting with the idea of permaculture. His land not only had thousands of coffee plants, but a variety of fruit trees, cattle, and a honey farm. He is enriching the soil and producing new crops that can help feed his family, his workers, and possibly his own community. Imagine what all eight farmers could provide. 

Enrique Hernandez, Regional Manager