Sourcing Coffee in Colombia

The world is full of surprises and unfortunately, for an entire community--forty of whom produce coffee--the latest surprise is the catastrophic fault line that is tearing their mountain village apart. Homes, schools, and their ancient church are quickly sinking into the ground over the course of just six months. 

After meeting a handful of coffee farmers throughout the country and visiting their beautiful coffee estates, we are left with the difficult memory of a small indigenous community of farmers who have to uproot their ancient lives.

In accordance with the earth goddess Pachamama, they have to rebuild and harvest an entirely new community. After meeting with the local coffee leader, Fernando, we are confident that Think Coffee can provide some assistance in keeping their culture and community alive. 

Choosing what we sell in our Manhattan stores goes beyond the day to day coffee fix. Each sip is tied to something far more meaningful than just beans. We're calling it Social Project Coffee. 

More to comeā€¦