We were running out of time and it was dark.  It was going to be a mistake.  We were paying a lot of money to travel 70km by taxi to a coffee processing plant operated byLuis Alberto Balladerez.  We sell his coffee by the cup from our Single Source menu.

We call it “Single Source” because we get it from the smallest geographic area possible and then find one person or family responsible for it.  Single Origin coffees usually come simply from an individual country, but they are blended from different sources.

The facility, call Las Segovias, is located somewhere  in the town of Ocotal, in Northwestern Nicaragua.  We were lost.  Our driver stopped at a roadside hangout.  Someone asked someone to find someone who knew a guy that works there.  His name was Abel Gutierrez.

Abel didn’t work there, but he was adamant that he wished he did.  He passionately described why Las Segovias was the best place to work and why it processed the best coffee.  He told us the conditions were terrific.  The equipment was the best.  He told us that Sr. Balladerez grew great coffee and knew how to process it.  He knew how to treat people.  He was at church and do we want to go and get him from church.  We hadn’t asked anything.

No, we didn’t want to go get him from church.  This man from a roadside café, with nothing to gain or lose told us everything we needed to know.  We sell delicious coffee that comes from a good person.  It was worth the last minute expensive trip in the dark to have heard this.  We sell NICARAGUAN coffee from the farmer LUIS ALBERTO BALLADEREZ with pride and integrity.