Daterra, Since Way Back

My incredible host, Gabriel, Daterra’s foreign relations person, was able to clearly delineate to me the processes and equipment that go into Brasilian coffee production better than anyone else ever has.  We toured the farm for two days, stopping constantly to discuss and learn every detail of growing and production at the estate.
We followed wildlife corridors through the Cerrado surroundings and discussed the various vegetation.  We learned about many research projects and processing experiments.  We had personal interaction with wildlife, discussed the presence of flavors in the coffee similar to local vegetation, and spent hours at night comparing notes.
Daterra Estate is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in sustainability research and environmental protection.  It is a very large estate located in the Cerrado “closed” region in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais.   We didn’t expect to be so personally involved and educated and I am very grateful.
Carlos, the Daterra quality control person and his quality cupper Edna went through Daterra’s coffee portfolio with me and in an amazing way with the sincerest effort to understand what I want to sell to Think Coffee customers arrived at the best representation of my description I could have possibly hoped for.  It will arrive in November.
Daterra and our other partner farm Nossa Sehnora Aparecida both supply an array of coffees.  They blend coffees from with their estates to create flavor profiles which they then name, making it easy for me to chose coffee for our blends.  I can ask for characteristics and they can provide them
Daterra was awesome.  I’m going back soon.  There is more to do there.