Into a New Hemisphere, Indonesia

Since we began sourcing our own coffee, we have shied away from the coffees of Southeast Asia. This isn't because we don't like the way the coffee tastes - on the contrary, coffee from Indonesia has a fantastic creaminess and a lightly earthy coffee flavor. We've stayed away from it simply because the region is so peppered with coffee that it's been difficult to find a single farmer or group of farmers whose coffee is actually traceable. 


Regional Manager Shaun Morrissey and Coffee Director Matt Fury went to Indonesia a few weeks ago. They met with the people of Gegarang, who were displaced by their government years ago, given homes to live in and coffee to farm. Because of this situation, the Gegarangans grow coffee, but don't think of themselves as coffee producers; they don't know much about the land or the product - it's really just a source of income. Until we came through, they felt unfilfilled by their work.

Our task is to address this problem of autonomy. We have a prospective agreement to buy coffee from 25 contiguous families of Gegarang, and in turn to teach them what we know about agronomy, to help bolster pride in their product, pride in their work. With our help, this will no longer be Mixed Indonesian Coffee, it will be The Coffee of Gegarang.

We have opened a new hemisphere in which we can conduct responsible, personal business. We are going to help these people be proud of their work. It's cool, it's productive, it will be great for Think Blend and great for Gegarang.